Jun 202012

Luca Volpino – publisher at the Italian Dungeonslayers licensee Wildboar – has completed one of his pet projects for the old-fashioned roleplaying game: Caveslayers!
If you’ve ever wanted to go mammoth hunting in the paleolithic, are fearless when it comes to cannibalistic tribes and don’t shy away from a tussle with sabre-toothed lions or dinosaurs, you’ll find everything that your Neanderthal heart desires in this 24-page pdf – as long as you’ve speak Italian.
Time will tell if an English translation will be supplied. Nevertheless, the monsters of bygone times can be easily used regardless of language skills or lack thereof.

So grab a spear or club, don’t forget the loincloth and have fun with Caveslayers!

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Mar 242012

For their inaugural podcast, the gaming blog Dice Might be Random is presenting a recording of their first Dungeonslayers session:

“Hello interwebs. So for the very first audio experience I decided to go into the back catalog and dig out our first session of Dungeonslayers. It is a free RPG by Christian Kennig. I had a blast running this game with Steve, Cyrus and Frank. It’s a very simple, rules lite game and it runs very fast. The audio contains explicit language, so you’ve been warned.”


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Mar 122012

After the recent release in Italy, we are very pleased to announce a partnership with Chronicle City to bring you the printed English language release of the award‐nominated role-playing game Dungeonslayers!

Chronicle City is a new British based games publisher set up by Angus Abranson (ex‐Cubicle 7; Leisure Games) in February 2012.

True to its roots, Dungeonslayers IV will also be made available free as a PDF very soon and will be supported by adventures, a campaign setting and regional & racial sourcebooks as well as a number of free PDF adventures (read the official announcement)!

You can already download our ten‐page preview of the English rules, character sheet, starting spells and talents lists, along with a number of one‐page ‘Dungeon 2 Go’ adventures (covering a variety of levels).

See you in the dungeon!

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Feb 282012

It’s time the non-fighting classes got something to do!

For our third teaser, we present the entry-level spells for Healers, Wizards and Sorcerers.

No more lurking around helplessly while Fighters and Scouts steal the show – just zap them with a Fire Ray or earn their undying gratitude via Healing Touch!

As always:
Have fun!

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