The rules of Dungeonslayers were kept short and simple, a character consists of just 9 core values and a combat roll decides if your enemy was hit and how much damage was dealt.

Races & Classes
The basic edition of Dungeonslayers uses the races of Elf, Men and Dwarf. This can of course be changed according to the setting used. Fighter, Scout and Spellcaster (which are divided into Black Mage, Healer and Wizard) are the available classes.

Attributes & abilities
Characters in Dungeonslayers consist of the three attributes Body, Agility and Mind. Two abilities are derived from each attribute.

In order to make a check you calculate the check value which is the sum of an attribute and an ability value. If you roll equal or less this check value on a twenty-sided die, your check was successful.

The dwarven fighter Gruffneck (Body 8, Strength 2) declares he wants to kick down the door behind which some goblins are hiding. The gamemaster decides that the check value is the sum of the Body attribute and the Strength ability. Gruffneck will be able to force the door open if his player succeeds to roll 10 (= BOD 8 + ST 2) or less on a d20.

Levels and experience
When a character reaches a higher level (up to a maximum of 20) he can improve his abilities or even learn a talent in order to specialize his skills.

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