Mar 242012

For their inaugural podcast, the gaming blog Dice Might be Random is presenting a recording of their first Dungeonslayers session:

“Hello interwebs. So for the very first audio experience I decided to go into the back catalog and dig out our first session of Dungeonslayers. It is a free RPG by Christian Kennig. I had a blast running this game with Steve, Cyrus and Frank. It’s a very simple, rules lite game and it runs very fast. The audio contains explicit language, so you’ve been warned.”


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Mar 122012

After the recent release in Italy, we are very pleased to announce a partnership with Chronicle City to bring you the printed English language release of the award‐nominated role-playing game Dungeonslayers!

Chronicle City is a new British based games publisher set up by Angus Abranson (ex‐Cubicle 7; Leisure Games) in February 2012.

True to its roots, Dungeonslayers IV will also be made available free as a PDF very soon and will be supported by adventures, a campaign setting and regional & racial sourcebooks as well as a number of free PDF adventures (read the official announcement)!

You can already download our ten‐page preview of the English rules, character sheet, starting spells and talents lists, along with a number of one‐page ‘Dungeon 2 Go’ adventures (covering a variety of levels).

See you in the dungeon!

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