Jan 312012

Ready blade, bow or staff – the goal is near!

For reasons we won’t discuss now, we’ve had to delay the final release of the old-fashioned roleplaying game. This has been for reasons beyond our control, not some misplaced marketing gag. As soon as we know more, we’ll get you up to speed and informed.

However, your clicks to our door shall not have been in vain. Since we’re almost as eager to release something as you are to receive it, we hereby present a part of the first chapter of the fourth edition of Dungeonslayers – Character Creation!

We hope you all have fun with this first teaser and check back soon for more!

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Jan 102012

While the Italian print version of the old fashioned role-playing game hit the shelves last November, the free pdf has been made available now.

If you’ve ever felt the need to have a look at an Italian character sheet or have been curious how a translated Fortress of Doom checks out, find the download at the website of our partner Wildboar.

To all the Italian slayers – have fun!

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