May 282010

Treat your DS-round to some smoking muskets, sleak guns and thundering cannons – and make it BANG!

Our newest Dungeonslayers supplement will not only give you piles of firearms, stylish ammunition belts and precise scopes but also five bulletproof talents, painful gunslinger spells and a completely new class:
The Arcane Gunslinger is ready to blow your socks off! A new spellcasting character class that comes with a bang and packs a punch!
Michael Wolf‘s trigger-happy package is well rounded with high noon duels and everything you need to incorporate fire arms into a western or cloak-and-dagger setting. Boot hill awaits!

Get the download: READY – AIM – FIRE!
And as always: HAVE FUN!

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May 142010

Our newest Dungeon-2-Go awaits!

Set in warmer regions, McDungeon Number 9 is suited for inexperienced heroes.

People are going missing, just as they were way back when the Cult of the Snakes was active in the area.

The old temple still looms ominously on the hilltop, waiting to be plundered on a comfy romp.

This adventure is well suited for a party devoid of fighters, having bountiful loot for scouts and spellcasters. So don’t delay, the Temple of the Snakes awaits!

As always – have FUN!

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