Mar 302010

We have a rather tongue-in-cheek download commemorating easter for the enjoyment of your party. While it is already finished, easter is still some days off. Thus, we’ve had a nice talk with the easter bunny and he’s decided to relent somewhat.
And now he’s hidden it somewhere on

Fortunately, there are not too many possibilities – merely the links in the upper navigation pane, the RSS feed and the forum are excluded from your search.
On top of that, the easter bunny gave us a small hint: Look for the unsteady in the steady.

Well then, carry on and have fun!

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Mar 052010

Give your party their just spoils!

Be it fire spewing blades, billowing Robes of Stormy Might or the glorious Lion’s Plate.
Also highly recommended for evil overlords.

This first supplement for dungeonslayers offers you two pages chock full of new weapons for friend or foe, talents & magical effects for weapons, twenty powerful named armors and random generation tables for magical arms & armor.

You can find the PDF in our download section.
As always – have fun!

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Mar 012010

“Get up!” – the elf came slowly to.

What’s going on? What happened?

The rough voice growled once more: “I said get up, damn pointy eared elf brood! What is this eldritch sorcery? Speak!”

The elf opened his eyes. He was lying on a floor. A cellar perhaps?

Where am I?

A stout dwarf loomed before the elf, cocked crossbow at the ready: “Get up already, you sylvan tree hugger and tell me exactly what’s going on here!”

Who is this dwarf? And what does he want?

The dwarf bellowed: “And who are these maggots?”, pointing to the other figures on the floor.

Who are these people? What am I doing here? What strange game is being played?

Well, it’s the fifth Dungeon-to-Go. This time for wholly unexperienced characters and without traditional prelude. “The Runes of Oblivion” await you in the Downloads. Go grab ’em!

And as always: don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!

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