Feb 242010

With the French version of Dungeonslayers being just a few weeks old, we are happy to announce that the third translation has just been released by the Italian publisher Wildboar.

Wildboar is kicking off a year of exclusive roleplaying goodies for the italian community starting with the publishing of the Ruolo All’Antica to celebrate their fifth birthday.

Pay the nice folks at Wildboar – being the publishers of Traveller, Exalted, Witchcraft and Hellywood in Italy – a visit if you speak Italiano or just enjoy some good old mediterranean flair on your character sheets!

Until then, as always: Buon divertimento!

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Feb 172010

Welcome to the newest not-so-dungeony fast food dungeon!

Instead, we want to take you on a leisurely stroll through the Night of the Damned. Idyllic forest lakes and gushing waterfalls await you – gaze with astonishment at friendly abominations and have a boating tour on the side.

Furthermore, we offer the usual bashing and thrashing, lots of loot, innocent evildoers, classical conjurations and depraved machinations. This for levels 9-12, to fend off any complaints.

As always, you’ll find the newest Dungeon-2-Go under Downloads – have a lot of fun!

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Feb 092010

There has been a small update to the french version, improving the text layout and correcting an error in the credits.

Meanwhile, our new crack DS-Translation Team has successfully beaten the first linguistic monstrosities of the lower levels and returned with loads of loot to the surface.

So get ready for a new introductory amnesia adventure, forest demons and ancient elven ruins – until then, as always, have fun!

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Feb 082010

Almost a year has passed since the first messages were heard from France of the intent to translate Dungeonslayers into their native language.
Only a few weeks went by until the first draft reached Germany.
But sadly, the layout wasn’t that easy and turned out to be problematic, mainly due to the French sentences turning out to be much longer than their English or German counterparts.
Some frustrating pages later, the french version migrated, more and more in the direction of the filing cabinet – to be slowly forgotten in the end….

Completely forgotten?
No, not completely, since some resilient French stuck to their guns and took matters back into their own hands, proofread the text anew and even made the layout to finally create a PDF – et voilá:
Le jeu de rôle à l’ancienne is completed – sincere thanks go to James “Arasmo” Manez from the Scriptorium and Olivier Boyaval!

The Polish version announced in the meantime will be layouted right on the spot – so delays made in Germany won’t have a chance this time.

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