Aug 252009

Half of the fun in every Dungeonslayers game are the many monsters that the player characters may encounter (or slay – for example).

To make the gamemaster’s job a bit easier (and the player’s job harder), Monster Mash by Tim Hartin from Paratime Design contains over 40 new monsters for use in every Dungeonslayers Campaign:

Ghostly Banshees, two-headed Ettins, one-eyed Cyclops and slimy Ochre Blobs await!

So grab some pencils, paper and dice – get ready to fill your dark dungeons and let your players fight the monsters that lurk in here.

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Aug 032009

Draw your weapons!

The first English supplement for Dungeonslayers – “Into the breach” by Marcus Bone – is online. Marcus added some very nice, optional rules to the combat system of Dungeonslayers – a big “Dankesch√∂n” to New Zealand.

The PDF is packed with advanced combat rules for advanced Monsterkillers and Dungeonslayers, so click and get your copy of “Into the Breach” now!

Meanwhile we already work at the second english supplement called Monster Mash by Tim Hartin, which will be released later this month. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS-Feed for the latest news about the old-fashioned roleplaying game.

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