Jul 292012

We hereby present Magicworks! Magic at your fingertips – at least as long as you’re not out of juice.
This optional fanwork gives you the choice to replace the standard Dungeonslayers magic system with the point based mana system. Side effects may include wary wizards, squeamish sorcerers, hesitating healers and quite amusingly banged up front-line fighters.
Also included are short descriptions for every spell, useful for both magic systems.

We’ve also updated D2G02 for Dungeonslayers 4th edition – have fun partying with the Witch King and his brides!
By the way: should you think the translators lazy, well, give them something to do! Vote on their next translations now! Go to our forums and tell us what you want to see next…

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Jul 092012

We are happy to announce that the Game Hermit Jack Berberette has translated the Caera poster map by Ralf Schemmann to English and Italian. If you’ve ever felt the urge to decorate your den with the lovely landscapes of Caera, these beautiful maps are sure to hit the spot.

In other news, D2G1, “The Brigands of Lyrkenfenn” has been updated to Dungeonslayers 4 and is now available.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about these news in our friendly forum.

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Feb 092010

There has been a small update to the french version, improving the text layout and correcting an error in the credits.

Meanwhile, our new crack DS-Translation Team has successfully beaten the first linguistic monstrosities of the lower levels and returned with loads of loot to the surface.

So get ready for a new introductory amnesia adventure, forest demons and ancient elven ruins – until then, as always, have fun!

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Feb 082010

Almost a year has passed since the first messages were heard from France of the intent to translate Dungeonslayers into their native language.
Only a few weeks went by until the first draft reached Germany.
But sadly, the layout wasn’t that easy and turned out to be problematic, mainly due to the French sentences turning out to be much longer than their English or German counterparts.
Some frustrating pages later, the french version migrated, more and more in the direction of the filing cabinet – to be slowly forgotten in the end….

Completely forgotten?
No, not completely, since some resilient French stuck to their guns and took matters back into their own hands, proofread the text anew and even made the layout to finally create a PDF – et voilá:
Le jeu de rôle à l’ancienne is completed – sincere thanks go to James “Arasmo” Manez from the Scriptorium and Olivier Boyaval!

The Polish version announced in the meantime will be layouted right on the spot – so delays made in Germany won’t have a chance this time.

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Jan 082010

Announced last summer, the fair copy of “Valngress – City of Ruins” has arrived!

Once again Marcus Bone, author of the DS supplement “Into the Breach”, has outdone himself. His City of Ruins promises to be an ideal backdrop for dungeon crawling campaigns, interesting not just for Game Masters of the old-fashioned roleplaying game.

We are presently working out the last kinks so it can go online soon and be raided by your parties.
Get prepared!

Until then – as always – have fun!

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Aug 252009

Half of the fun in every Dungeonslayers game are the many monsters that the player characters may encounter (or slay – for example).

To make the gamemaster’s job a bit easier (and the player’s job harder), Monster Mash by Tim Hartin from Paratime Design contains over 40 new monsters for use in every Dungeonslayers Campaign:

Ghostly Banshees, two-headed Ettins, one-eyed Cyclops and slimy Ochre Blobs await!

So grab some pencils, paper and dice – get ready to fill your dark dungeons and let your players fight the monsters that lurk in here.

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