Feb 172010

Welcome to the newest not-so-dungeony fast food dungeon!

Instead, we want to take you on a leisurely stroll through the Night of the Damned. Idyllic forest lakes and gushing waterfalls await you – gaze with astonishment at friendly abominations and have a boating tour on the side.

Furthermore, we offer the usual bashing and thrashing, lots of loot, innocent evildoers, classical conjurations and depraved machinations. This for levels 9-12, to fend off any complaints.

As always, you’ll find the newest Dungeon-2-Go under Downloads – have a lot of fun!

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Dec 252009

Merry Christmas!

The third Dungeon-2-Go is online:
“The Queen of Blackriver” by Bob Bretz is a classic dungeon crawl for beginning characters of levels 1-4.

Explore the underground complex of a hideous creature whose gaze turns living creatures to stone!

The third fast-food-Dungeon is also the first official DS-Dungeon not written in the Old World – a big “Dankesch√∂n” to Beltsville!

This one-page-dungeon requires Monster Mash.

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Dec 192009

In the second Dungeon-2-Go, the fearless heroes will descend into the tomb of an old Witch King, where treacherous traps and deadly dangers await.
This 1-page adventure can comfortably be played in one session, but the characters should have reached at least 4th level if they are to be more than cannon fodder.

So whet your blades, string up your bows and ready your spells – the tomb of the Witch King awaits you…

Have fun down there!

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Mar 252009

You are in dire need of a dungeon for your next session but you don’t have the time to prepare something on your own? Then the Dungeon2Go adventures are the right tool for the job!

They are one-paged mini-adventures (in “Lord of the Rats” style) which drop your players right into the action without further ado. The first fast-food dungeon is now available in our download section and focuses on the “Brigands of Lyrkenfenn”, which are hidden somewhere in the swamp of the same name.
But this is only the half of it…

Draw your blade or bow, prepare your spells and have fun!

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