Nov 132012

After months of translation work, the French version of Dungeonslayers is finally done, thanks to Mathieu Grégoire-Racicot and Joël «Archelaian» Allard.

You can download the PDF at Dungeonslayers VF where you also find the french character sheet and „La Bibliothèque oubliée“, a three paged Dungeon-2-Go written by Joël «Archelaian» Allard.

Have fun!

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Jul 292012

We hereby present Magicworks! Magic at your fingertips – at least as long as you’re not out of juice.
This optional fanwork gives you the choice to replace the standard Dungeonslayers magic system with the point based mana system. Side effects may include wary wizards, squeamish sorcerers, hesitating healers and quite amusingly banged up front-line fighters.
Also included are short descriptions for every spell, useful for both magic systems.

We’ve also updated D2G02 for Dungeonslayers 4th edition – have fun partying with the Witch King and his brides!
By the way: should you think the translators lazy, well, give them something to do! Vote on their next translations now! Go to our forums and tell us what you want to see next…

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Jul 092012

We are happy to announce that the Game Hermit Jack Berberette has translated the Caera poster map by Ralf Schemmann to English and Italian. If you’ve ever felt the urge to decorate your den with the lovely landscapes of Caera, these beautiful maps are sure to hit the spot.

In other news, D2G1, “The Brigands of Lyrkenfenn” has been updated to Dungeonslayers 4 and is now available.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about these news in our friendly forum.

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May 142010

Our newest Dungeon-2-Go awaits!

Set in warmer regions, McDungeon Number 9 is suited for inexperienced heroes.

People are going missing, just as they were way back when the Cult of the Snakes was active in the area.

The old temple still looms ominously on the hilltop, waiting to be plundered on a comfy romp.

This adventure is well suited for a party devoid of fighters, having bountiful loot for scouts and spellcasters. So don’t delay, the Temple of the Snakes awaits!

As always – have FUN!

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Apr 042010

My my, what has the Easter Bunny brought…

We hereby present not one, not two but three Dungeons-2-Go for your easterly enjoyment!

Whether it’s descending deep into the Crypt of Horrors, facing the mysterious Mistress of Spider Mountain or confronting the Wizard of Lom-Tranar, there’s something for everyone.

And to top it all off, we’ve obtained permission from the Easter Bunny to publish his much sought but seldom found collection of highly valued Easter Eggs!

So take a peek at the downloads section, have at it and have Fun!

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Mar 012010

“Get up!” – the elf came slowly to.

What’s going on? What happened?

The rough voice growled once more: “I said get up, damn pointy eared elf brood! What is this eldritch sorcery? Speak!”

The elf opened his eyes. He was lying on a floor. A cellar perhaps?

Where am I?

A stout dwarf loomed before the elf, cocked crossbow at the ready: “Get up already, you sylvan tree hugger and tell me exactly what’s going on here!”

Who is this dwarf? And what does he want?

The dwarf bellowed: “And who are these maggots?”, pointing to the other figures on the floor.

Who are these people? What am I doing here? What strange game is being played?

Well, it’s the fifth Dungeon-to-Go. This time for wholly unexperienced characters and without traditional prelude. “The Runes of Oblivion” await you in the Downloads. Go grab ’em!

And as always: don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!

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