Jul 292012

We hereby present Magicworks! Magic at your fingertips – at least as long as you’re not out of juice.
This optional fanwork gives you the choice to replace the standard Dungeonslayers magic system with the point based mana system. Side effects may include wary wizards, squeamish sorcerers, hesitating healers and quite amusingly banged up front-line fighters.
Also included are short descriptions for every spell, useful for both magic systems.

We’ve also updated D2G02 for Dungeonslayers 4th edition – have fun partying with the Witch King and his brides!
By the way: should you think the translators lazy, well, give them something to do! Vote on their next translations now! Go to our forums and tell us what you want to see next…

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Jul 092012

We are happy to announce that the Game Hermit Jack Berberette has translated the Caera poster map by Ralf Schemmann to English and Italian. If you’ve ever felt the urge to decorate your den with the lovely landscapes of Caera, these beautiful maps are sure to hit the spot.

In other news, D2G1, “The Brigands of Lyrkenfenn” has been updated to Dungeonslayers 4 and is now available.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about these news in our friendly forum.

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Jun 232012

We are proud to present the fourth edition of Dungeonlayers!

Over a year in the making, you will find the same lean and mean rules that the old-fashioned role-playing game has always been known for.
But there’s a lot more meat included: more talents, more spells, Slayer Points, three adventures, 15 hero classes, loot generation tables, over 80 nasty monsters, an introduction to Caera and lots of nice pictures. All good stuff, no lame fluff!
As always, the rules are free to download, play and share. A printed version will be made available soon by Chronicle City.

I wish to thank the dozens of helping hands who made it possible to bring this release to you. It was a labor of love, and I especially want to extend my thanks to the tireless translators and their selfless efforts.

Now, grab a copy, a couple of friends, we’ll meet in Caera!
And never forget: Have Fun!

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Mar 122012

After the recent release in Italy, we are very pleased to announce a partnership with Chronicle City to bring you the printed English language release of the award‐nominated role-playing game Dungeonslayers!

Chronicle City is a new British based games publisher set up by Angus Abranson (ex‐Cubicle 7; Leisure Games) in February 2012.

True to its roots, Dungeonslayers IV will also be made available free as a PDF very soon and will be supported by adventures, a campaign setting and regional & racial sourcebooks as well as a number of free PDF adventures (read the official announcement)!

You can already download our ten‐page preview of the English rules, character sheet, starting spells and talents lists, along with a number of one‐page ‘Dungeon 2 Go’ adventures (covering a variety of levels).

See you in the dungeon!

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Feb 282012

It’s time the non-fighting classes got something to do!

For our third teaser, we present the entry-level spells for Healers, Wizards and Sorcerers.

No more lurking around helplessly while Fighters and Scouts steal the show – just zap them with a Fire Ray or earn their undying gratitude via Healing Touch!

As always:
Have fun!

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