Nov 132012

After months of translation work, the French version of Dungeonslayers is finally done, thanks to Mathieu Grégoire-Racicot and Joël «Archelaian» Allard.

You can download the PDF at Dungeonslayers VF where you also find the french character sheet and „La Bibliothèque oubliée“, a three paged Dungeon-2-Go written by Joël «Archelaian» Allard.

Have fun!

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Jul 092012

We are happy to announce that the Game Hermit Jack Berberette has translated the Caera poster map by Ralf Schemmann to English and Italian. If you’ve ever felt the urge to decorate your den with the lovely landscapes of Caera, these beautiful maps are sure to hit the spot.

In other news, D2G1, “The Brigands of Lyrkenfenn” has been updated to Dungeonslayers 4 and is now available.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about these news in our friendly forum.

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Jun 262012

With the release of the fourth edition of the old-fashioned roleplaying game, the community has contributed two brand new settings for all Slayers, new arrivals or old hands alike:

Development on Valngress – City of Ruins started in 2010 and features a jungle sandbox full of forgotten treasures, lost ruins and loads of nasty monsters.
Then again, if you have a hankering for going after brain eaters with shotgun, baseball bat or chain saw, you will want to have a closer look at Zombieslayers by Daniel Vallée!

Kill ’em all and have fun doing it!

P.S. If you’re looking for more material beside that featured on the main page, a look in the Contribution Collection might be worth your while.

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Jun 232012

We are proud to present the fourth edition of Dungeonlayers!

Over a year in the making, you will find the same lean and mean rules that the old-fashioned role-playing game has always been known for.
But there’s a lot more meat included: more talents, more spells, Slayer Points, three adventures, 15 hero classes, loot generation tables, over 80 nasty monsters, an introduction to Caera and lots of nice pictures. All good stuff, no lame fluff!
As always, the rules are free to download, play and share. A printed version will be made available soon by Chronicle City.

I wish to thank the dozens of helping hands who made it possible to bring this release to you. It was a labor of love, and I especially want to extend my thanks to the tireless translators and their selfless efforts.

Now, grab a copy, a couple of friends, we’ll meet in Caera!
And never forget: Have Fun!

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Jun 202012

Luca Volpino – publisher at the Italian Dungeonslayers licensee Wildboar – has completed one of his pet projects for the old-fashioned roleplaying game: Caveslayers!
If you’ve ever wanted to go mammoth hunting in the paleolithic, are fearless when it comes to cannibalistic tribes and don’t shy away from a tussle with sabre-toothed lions or dinosaurs, you’ll find everything that your Neanderthal heart desires in this 24-page pdf – as long as you’ve speak Italian.
Time will tell if an English translation will be supplied. Nevertheless, the monsters of bygone times can be easily used regardless of language skills or lack thereof.

So grab a spear or club, don’t forget the loincloth and have fun with Caveslayers!

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